The Future Of Electric Motor Testing Is Here

dyno rig picture

Electrified Automation has launched an all new Electric Motor Dyno that combines state-of-the-art performance testing technology with advanced monitoring software.

The dyno has the capability to test electric motors between 24 – 144 volts and 0.5 to 60 kw, and is a turnkey solution that can be set up and fully operational within hours.

James Madge, Head of Automation at Electrified Automation, said: “Our technology delivers superior speed regulation and control, and is providing our customers with accurate and reliable data that is helping them maximise the performance and efficiency of their electric motors.”

The monitoring software that works alongside the dyno rig gives live speed, torque, voltage and power indictors as well as on-screen throttle control.

Click here for a full explainer video, CGI animation and technical spec sheet.

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