Electrified Automation Launches New Electric Motor Range

Picture of Electrified Automation 193 Series Electric Motor
Picture of Electrified Automation 193 Series Electric Motor

Electrified Automation launches new electric motor range following the success of its automated manufacturing technology.

The EA 193 Series permanent magnet electric motors will support a range of applications from two-wheel-on-road to industrial.

Jim Winchester, Managing Director at Electrified Automation, said: “We have had an incredible response from customers and automation will always be a cornerstone of our business, but our future is now also about taking our own motors direct to market.”

“Our team have worked hard and delivered a product that achieves maximum performance in a compact package. Alongside this, the game changing patented design will provide size, weight and performance benefits for a whole host of applications.”

He went on to say: “We also know that a major priority for OEMs is a reliable and responsive supply chain that can deliver the volumes they want when they want them.

“That’s why we have designed the motor architecture to maximise the automation potential, so it is fully optimised for high volume production.”

For the full motor spec and performance data visit www.electrifiedautomation.com/motors

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